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Beamer v Pete - horses week 1

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Resident nob
17 v 17.
2 week competition. Monday to sunday. all markets must be scheduled to be closed by 11pm on the sunday (common sense applies)
Week 1 specialist subjects, week 2 anything goes
All prices to be taken from Bet365 & worked out as decimals. No in-running bets.
100 Points for each team member per week.100 points can be gambled any way player sees fit. Minimum bet 5pnts, maximum bets 100pnts. Multiple bets are allowed. No arbing, ie covering all results
Person with most profit at the end of the week gains 1 point for their team. Unused points are lost
Only 100 points to be gambled, winnings are not a bank
A player cannot copy the other players bet, first come first served
No percentage points of bets to be accepted, half points okay (sounds weird, but no 1.33 etc)
Just to avoid any confusion (re' the rules "All prices to be taken from Bet365 & worked out as decimals. No in-running bets". Horse racing bets are all to be settled at SP

Wolverhampton 3.40

Bavarian Princess 3 pts win
Striker Torres 2 pts win.

Good luck Pete.
Not 100% sure Beamer, but I don't think that bet's allowed. The minimum bet is 5pts, although you've listed the two horses there as 1 bet, the only way it could count as one bet would be if it were a double. If it's 2 win singles, you'd need to have 5pts on each of them.

Like I say, not 100% sure, wait for Swoop to confirm, but I think you might need to have a rethink.

And good luck to you and Pete, may the best(nod) man win :thumb

Edit - Ignore the bit about making it a double, I hadn't noticed it was 2 horses in the same race :duh
Nope, that aint allowed. You could have one of them 2.5pnts each way or something like that, but although its one race it constitutes 2 bets
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