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Strictly Come Dancing 2016


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Bruce Forsyth has already gone and Head Judge Len is about to leave as we make do with the replacement lightweights. After watching the first two performances my money would be on Danny Mac, Daisy Lowe or Claudia Fragapone. Here are the 15 starters:

1) Pop superstar Anastacia was lucky not to be eliminated as to some sceptics the WASP stayed in whilst the black was voted off.

2) Model Daisy Lowe has the potential to win this competition with one of the best professionals in Aljaz Skorjanec to guide her.

3) Ex-Eternal singer Louise Redknapp will last a few rounds yet, but she's no Abbey Clancy.

4) BBC employee Naga Manchetty has started well, but at 41 will feel the pace as the weeks pass.

5) Olympic gymnast Claudia Fragapone is a contender for the title in the mould of 2011 runner-up Chelsee Healey.

6) EastEnders actress Tameka Empson may be entertaining but she's just here for the ride.

7) Laura Whitmore has made a competent start but I don't see her as a threat in the Final.

8) Lesley Joseph may be the pensioner's crumpet but at 70 will not last the month out, which for her own sake will be a good thing.

9) Ed Balls' Charleston reminded me of a Benny Hill sketch of the 1980s. He's the weakest dancer left.

10) 2002 X-Factor winner Will Young displays an angst in his physiognomy which doesn't bode well for the later rounds.

11) Greg Rutherford looks a little awkward and I'm not sure if he's got it altogether to make the final rounds.

12) Radio DJ Melvin Odoom has left the competition after the typical expulsion of the ethnic minority contestant in favour of the worse performing white.

13) Hollyoaks Danny Mac will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of last years' winner Jay McGuiness and must be a certainty to reach the Final.

14) Sports host Ore Oduba has made a surprisingly good start to the competition.

15) Judge Rinder or Danny La Rue on Viagra will stay for the present but must work on his trout pout.

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According to the rules of the competition Melvin Odoom received the fewest votes and therefore had to leave the competition. I do wonder though what the dance off is for and although my sympathy goes out to anyone too unwell to compete my feelings are that if you're landed in the dance off but for whatever reason do not participate then your place should be forfeited in the next round. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainm...plaints/ar-BBwYRZa?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=spartanntp

Next Elimination

Anastacia 2 Naga Munchetty 11/4 Ed Balls 4 Tameka Empson 8 Lesley Joseph 9 Greg Rutherford 20

Top Man

Danny Mac 13/15 Judge Rinder 5 Will Young 11/2 Greg Rutherford 7 Ore Oduba 11 Ed Balls 66

Top Woman

Louise Redknapp 11/10 Claudia Fragapone 7/2 Daisy Lowe 5 Laura Whitmore 6 Naga Munchetty 28

After the furore of last week's show the judges will want to get rid of Anastacia as soon as possible, though she's not the worst dancer left. If you've got the inclination you can check who is dancing what on the link below. My money would be on Daisy and Aljaz's Viennese waltz to top the leaderboard tomorrow, whereas Lesley Joseph will find the quickstep hard going, the samba won't suit Ed Balls and Will Young will have to cheer up a bit to get the best out of the Salsa.


Week 3 was Movie Week and in general a high standard, with Danny Mac and Claudia Fragapone sharing the honours at the top of the leaderboard. Unfortunately it's not always about the weakest dancer being eliminated, as Tameka Empson has gone, though having five couples placed below her on the judges' points. Maybe Ed Balls has endeared himself to the British public, but it's not really what the show should be about.

You can see the whole show here:
Will Young has left Strictly tonight under a cloud, his gushing statement eulogizing the show increasing the suspicion that he just wasn't up to the task in hand. Len Goodman was quite mild in his censure of last week's Salsa, which wasn't really a Salsa at all. If Will is so unnerved by Len, a man who in the dancing world has been there and done that a thousand times it's a good thing he's gone, his physiognomy was negative from the start, symbolizing some of today's youth who lack application and unable to take the slightest discipline from authority, and it's no secret that he wasn't going to win anyway. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/2016/...ve-right-now-will-young-quits-strictly-after/
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Maybe I have been too harsh on Will Young, who is suffering from depression and has had professional counselling in the past. I think the producers are at fault, who panic if they cannot fill a politically correct and often set in stone formula of categories including the BBC employee, the talented ethnic minority and his or her counterpart who hasn't a clue, the transatlantic glamourpuss,the fading starlet, the serious and the irreverent gay, the Hispanic or Asian Brit, the male sex god. Let's just say whoever signed up Will and post-mastectomy Anastacia for fifteen gruelling 10 hours a day weeks was asking for trouble.

Week 4 and by rights it's time for Ed Balls to go, though in the tradition of John Sergeant and Ann Widdecombe he may last a few rounds yet. You can see the pairings and the dances here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/0/what-time-and-when-does-strictly-come-dancing-2016-start-plus-al/

and the latest odds here: http://www.oddschecker.com/tv/strictly-come-dancing
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Yet more controversy tonight as an overmarked Anastacia survived a dance off with Naga Munchetty, who has been eliminated from the competition. Top of the leaderboard was BBC employee Ore Oduba, and the producers of this show must be praying that there are no more mishaps and he makes it safely into the Final.

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Week 5 saw Ore Oduba top the leaderboard, closely followed by bookies' favourite Danny Mac one point behind. Lesley Joseph was voted off after participating in the dance off with Daisy Lowe.

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Week 6 starts tomorrow with Halloween Night and with ten contestants left it might be an opportunity to see how they have settled in and predict who are going to be the Finalists.

1) Ed Balls is still here, representing the novice dancer and stereotypical family man, though for his age he's been one of the worst dancers ever on the show. Should he ever land in the bottom two the judges will jump at the chance to get rid. 100/1

2) Judge Rinder has proved to be an exhibitionist who fancies himself but his dancing technique is mediocre as he has the habit of going off and doing his own thing. So far he's been overmarked by the judges. Not a finalist. 16/1

3) Greg Rutherford has been a surprise in the competition and pushed by partner Natalie Lowe has made a good account of himself. He does have the stamina to endure the rounds and is a possible Finalist, though not champion. 16/1

4) Louise Redknapp represents the middle-aged housewife "having a go", though she has plateaued and at 41 is unlikely to be able to heed the judges' advice and take it to the next level. 6/1

5) Claudia Fragapane is the dark horse of the competition, she's an Olympic gymnast and at 18 the youngest dancer in the competition. If only she can channel her enthusiasm into artistry she's a definite contender and a certainty for the Final. 7/1

6) Daisy Lowe the model has been a bit disappointing and maybe too ungainly to win, even with Aljaz to guide her. 16/1

7) Similarly Anastacia is not really going anywhere and it's a shame for Brendan, but she's most likely to be next out along with Ed B.

8) Danny Mac has shown himself to be a consummate dancer and must be the favourite to snatch the Glitterball trophy. 11/10

9) Not forgetting Ore Odube, who has posted some memorable performances including Gene Kelly's Singin' in the Rain and may be the current judges' favourite in the scoring. However the champion is decided by televote alone, which will favour Danny. 7/2

10) Laura Whitmore has suffered an injury and I'm not sure she's got what it takes to reach the Final. Will probably be voted off within the next three weeks. 25/1

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Claudia and Laura topped the leaderboard jointly, whilst at the other end Daisy and Anastacia faced the dance off with Anastacia leaving the competition.

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Week 7 05/11

Next elimination Ed Balls 2/1 Laura Whitmore 5/2 Daisy Lowe 7/2 Judge Rinder 8/1 Greg R 9/1

Top Man Danny Mac 13/17 Ore Oduba 15/8 Greg 12/1

Top Woman Louise Redknapp 6/5 Claudia Fragapone 7/4 Laura Whitmore 9/1 Daisy Lowe 10/1

It looks like Ed Balls will leave tomorrow, the quickstep not suiting him. Danny Mac will be jiving and Ore will attempt the salsa, and I expect one of these two to top the leaderboard tomorrow night.

Week 7 saw Louise Redknapp top the leaderboard with a slowish Argentine Tango which suited her style. I don't see her as a potential winner. At the bottom Ore and Laura fought for survival with Laura leaving the competition.

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Strictly goes to the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool tomorrow, a highlight for many. The betting odds are:


Danny Mac 6/5 Louise Redknapp 5/2 Claudia Fragapane 6/1 Ore Oduba 8/1 Ed Balls 8/1 Judge Rinder 12/1 Greg Rutherford 25/1

Next elimination:

Greg Rutherford 6/4 Judge Rinder 15/8 Ed Balls 11/4 Ore Oduba 10/1 Claudia Fragapane 12/1 Louise Redknapp 33/1 Danny Mac 50/1

Danny Mac has cemented his position as clear favourite by gaining the perfect score tonight, whilst at the bottom Greg faced the dance off against Claudia, with Greg voted out.
Week 10 odds:

Next elimination: Ed Balls 11/8 Judge Rinder 7/4 Claudia Fragapane 11/2 Ore Oduba 8/1 Louise Redknapp 25/1 Danny Mac 100/1

To win outright: Danny Mac 19/20 Louise Redknapp 9/4 Ore Oduba 12/1 Claudia Fragapane 14/1 Ed Balls 18/1
Week 10 saw the Cha Cha Challenge tagged onto the individual dances, and after the two were complete Danny Mac and Louise Redknapp tied for top score. At the bottom Ed Balls was finally placed in the bottom two and the judges jumped at the chance to vote him off with Judge Rinder living to dance again next week.
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Week 11 saw Danny Mac top the leaderboard and Judge Rinder eliminated, beaten in the dance off by Ore Oduba.