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Week 1 comments and queries


We are locking the week 1 threads as it's been confusing enough without having people putting bets in the wrong thread by mistake, so any queries etc on week 1, put in here please and we can get them resolved in the one place.
Good shout :thumb I mentioned it over there but hadnt done it here....
I've reopened Pete89s thread as its unfinished, as are Traeths, Slicks & possibly Kegmans
I didnt break any rules thanks! Gr8 tactics by me to gain a point after i got called the no hoper out of the lot!

Why do i have a different opponent this week?

So question - I'm pretty sure this is alright but I want clarification. I bet on horses last week. It's other sports this week. Am I allowed to bet on horses again if I see something I like?