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Yorkie v frogger - football week 1

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Resident nob
16 V 16.
2 week competition. Monday to sunday. all markets must be scheduled to be closed by 11pm on the sunday (common sense applies)
Week 1 specialist subjects, week 2 anything goes
All prices to be taken from Bet365 & worked out as decimals. No in-running bets.
100 Points for each team member per week.100 points can be gambled any way player sees fit. Minimum bet 5pnts, maximum bets 100pnts. Multiple bets are allowed. No arbing, ie covering all results
Person with most profit at the end of the week gains 1 point for their team. Unused points are lost
Only 100 points to be gambled, winnings are not a bank
A player cannot copy the other players bet, first come first served
No percentage points of bets to be accepted, half points okay (sounds weird, but no 1.33 etc)

good luck fellas :thumb
wasn't sure if i had to post my picks on here also but just incase here is my first bet copied from over there

Bet 1 Ivory Coast vs Angola

Alternative Asian Handicap Ivory Coast -1 10pts @ 2.300 to win 13.00
fuck frogger they might as well just have gave you a bye in tbhis one lol Yorkie hasnt shown profit since he picked the winner of the national when he was 8yrs old. Dont get me wrong this thread might see a few posts once yorkie starts his selections.

for all that i have to say good luck to both of you and hope that yorkie pulls something out of his eclectic betting bag.
lol he'll be on the singaporian and Malaysian leagues friday morning before your even up then Swoops.
lol you and them research chemicals Swoops. fuck the way i feel the now Swoops i'd take every research chemical that i could buy. ive got shite internet, no images, no videos, no website admin, im skint and having to play $2 poker tournies, ive gave up smoking, gave up the hash and worst of all ive been selling my fucking soul on online dating sites to women i wouldnt give the time of day to usually barr when i was full of the drink. im living on bloody rabbit food and my flat is too cold to get out of bed. I thought i was dealing with it but no tonight is the night thats broke the camels back. Fuck it i might just spend my last fiver on a big bottle of cider and then spend the later poart of the night begging fags off people in the street. At least then i'll be living.
Actually its Iran and Bahrain leagues friday morning with a bit of Indonesia, nothing has taken my eye today.... okay im telling a porkie some Syria football did but i resisted the urge as i will get shouted at :lol
do as you do Yorkie but dont expect anyone to join you nor applaud you. You hated me calling you a bingo player but it is true. You NEED the audience too ive noticed or its just not worth it to you. Still as i said i wont slag you no more and maybe in 15 years time when your advising young yorkie types about their betting strategy we can all nod in agreement with you.
lol this thread is gonna EXPLODE Swoops thats all i know. Fuck yorkie will have 100pts on 3x over running concurrently with no way to keep up.
Bet 2 4 fold bet with Man Utd , Blackpool , Charlton , Tottenham

Man utd @ 1.30 Blackpool @ 1.61 Charlton @ 1.44 Tottenham @ 1.20 combined odds with bet 365 is @ 3.63

so 10 pts 4 fold @ 3.63 to win 36.30
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